Planted Strawberry in Pot, originally uploaded by Limerick6.

"Here, taste this." He turned his head to a suspicious angle, then slowly opened his mouth. Cecily plucked a berry from the small bush, rubbed it on her skirt, and popped it onto his tongue. 

He bit down and gave a strange smile. "What is it?"

"A strawberry! Surely you've eaten strawberries before."

"Of course, but I don't recall any of them tasting like this. It's the most wonderful thing I've ever eaten. "

"What? Does it taste like dirt and rain and insects?"

"No, like the closest thing to eating something alive."

Cecily gave a small laugh that said, surely I should expect this by now. "You are the strangest fish I've ever met."

"And do you like strange fish?" If he had been able to look he would have been looking at hard at her face, trying to interpret the curves and lines. As it was his sightless eyes were aimed in the general direction of the lake where the sun's last rays were just disappearing from the water's surface. 

"Very much so."

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