Character Sketch: Cecily Lockton



1. Sex – Female.
2. Age – About 18.
3. Height and Weight – Medium height and slim.
4. Colour of hair, eyes, skin – Long, straight black hair; brown eyes; clear, tanned skin.
5. Posture – An eager slump, as if looking forward to something.
6. Appearance (Good looking, obese, lean, pleasant) – Gorgeous and refined. Definitely the town beauty.
7. Defects – She might be called too-tanned.


1. Class (lower, upper, middle) – Very low, a cotter.
2. Occupation (type of work, attitude towards work, income) – Farming and housework in the castle.
3. Education (type of school, level of education) – Nothing. Can’t even read.
4. Life at home (parents, siblings, earning power, parents separated, divorced, character’s marital status, children) – She lives alone with her widowed mother, whom she adores. They barely make it financially, but are very close to one another.
5. Religion – Believes in God, but has trouble trusting Him.
6. Race, Nationality – Ummm, yaah.
7. Place in community (head of a club, respected, wanted) – She’s a beautiful girl who thinks herself a step above the Whitcrowe provincials. Needless to say, this attitude earns her something of a reputation as a proud girl, too big for her britches.
8. Political affiliations – Dislikes bowing and scraping to authority, but deals with it all right.


1. Sex life, moral standards – Always had high standards, but when push comes to shove she’s longing for something serious—in or out of marriage.
2. Personal premise, ambition – She longs for a life that means something. She wants to accomplish great things, to be great. She longs to love a man with similar hopes and dreams—to create things, use imagination, and do meaningful work.
3. Frustrations, disappointments – She’s aggravated at the “village yokels” she’s grown up around. She longs for something grander and deeper, which she can’t ever seem to find.
4. Temperament (easygoing, pessimistic) – She’s friendly, and kind-hearted, but she knows her mind and doesn’t appreciate being crossed. Very independent.
5. Attitude towards life (resigned, militant) – Life is something to be seized and created. It should be a wild adventure.
6. Complexes (obsessions, inhibitions, superstitions, phobias) – She’s got a major problem with pride, and likes to take charge of things. Something of a control-freak.
7. Extrovert, introvert – Definitely an introvert.
8. Abilities (languages, talents) – She is a fine gardener.
9. Qualities – Loving, devoted, friendly, kind-hearted, ambitious, passionate.
10. I.Q. – Rather high.

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