Overcoming Pride

If Cecily Lockton has a tragic flaw, it's pride. Throughout the tale of Beast and Beauty I try to show the minor and major influences and events that eventually bring her to the end of her self-sufficiency and to a knowledge of where she really stands in relation to God and man.

To be extremely honest, I deal with my own pride on a daily basis. It's one of my greatest struggles. That's one reason I identify so much with Cecily. She's pretty full of herself sometimes, has a hard time accepting criticism, and tends to blame others rather than herself, just like me. I recently bought a bunch of bookmarks that are printed on both sides with practical examples of pride and humility, and it exactly describes some of Cecily's character traits in Book I (proud people) and in Book II (broken people). Take a look to see what I mean (click to zoom):

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