I am thrilled to announce that (at long last) Beast and Beauty is not only finished but is available for purchase as an eBook!

It's taken a long time to get to this point, and I'm thrilled that the journey has come to an end. Not because I've tired of writing this story, but because I have actually finished something.

A novel.
A real one.
For the first time.
Oh yeah.

So for anyone following this journey, thank you. I will probably continue to post character sketches and portions of the book if readers are interested.

If you have a Kindle or other device with a Kindle app then you can read the book right away, and I am working on getting this in a print-on-demand format for those who prefer their books with paper and a spine. As a special bonus for blog readers, you can download the PDF version for free for a limited time here.

Until later, best wishes!

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